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Important Dates

Jan 1st Tax season begins!
Jan 15th Individuals make the fourth payment of your 2007 estimated tax if you are not paying your income tax through withholding.
Feb 2nd W-2's are due from your employer. Forms 1099 are due from payers of interst, dividends and other specified types of income.
Feb 15th If you were exempt from income tax withholding for 2008, you must file a new Form W-4 by today to continue your exemption for 2009.
Mar 2nd Tax returns due for farmers and fishers who didn't pay estimated tax and who want to avoid penalties for underpayment of estimated tax. For those who paid their estimated taxes by January 15th the due date is April 15th.
Mar 16th Corporations and S-Corps are due.
Apr 15th Tax returns due today! Extensions are available by filing a form 4868 which is due October 15th.
Jun 5th The second payment for the 2009 estimated tax is due.
Oct 15th Extensions filed on form 4868 are due today. Tax, interest and penalties are due.